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There is no connection with reality, is completely fake.

Yet another sex issue for Mr Berlusconi

‘For the rest the Italian press, and particularly two left-wing newspapers, have written about by presence at a birthday party of a family, friends of mine. Their only daughter celebrated her 18th birthday and even my wife has made the mistake to believe what the press has written. Nothing bad has happened, we have explained the situation though I didn’t want people to interfere in a private issue between me and this family, because it’s my private life. They have accused me of lying in my press statements and I will respond to these accusations. I will explain the situation in detail and all Italians will back me once again, and once again this accusation will backfire on the once who made it.

Sorry, this is not the real story. We have got evidences.

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  1. Fuck! this is awsome!

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